Tarō Yasumi

“The Treble Boy”

A 16 year boy with an androgynous style.
With his misty blue hair, effeminate features and cutesy disposition, he is often referred to as “男性の娘.”

About Tarō

Tarō Yasumi is the first UTAU voice bank I have made.
I’ve been a vocaloid fan for about 7 years but I was unaware of the UTAU community entirely until I got back into the fandom in mid-2020.

Being entirely enthralled at the idea of creating my own voicebank was extremely exciting and It’s taken some twist a turns but I finally figured it out! It’s hard work and I’m excited to finally be able to share his voice bank and open it to the public.

Tarō is a soft spoken, effeminate boy With cloudy blue hair and light boy eyes. He is often seen with a blank, calm face, with the occasional smile.
His best song genres are pop and cutesy styles, but feel free to try any style you wish!

UTAU Tarō Yasumi 2020